The Art of Teaching

I love teaching almost as much as I love writing. Not only do I have no use for the old adage, "those who can't do, teach," I find that the most effective teachers are those who've not only mastered the disciplines they teach  but have mastered the art of communicating the more subtle aspects of those disciplines as well.

When teaching Microsoft Excel classes for business people with no background in finance and little to no idea of how they would incorporate spreadsheet software into their regular work routine, it's simply not enough to cover how to use a particular set of features without also covering how those features can benefit them in their regular work routines. When teaching a class full of  business people from diverse departments, finding examples that speak to their different situations and inspire usage remains the major challenge.

When  teaching music, especially to those who have somewhere along the line have taken to heart the mistaken notion that they're somehow not musical, the challenge of finding new and inspiring ways to communicate the subject matter is even more complicated. In such cases, harp technique and music theory have to take a back seat to confidence building and devising ways to make the making of music completely rewarding and nothing but fun.