New Features in Excel 2019 - Updated Features in Excel 2016

1: Excel Interface

Excel 2016 Opening screen

Changes to the Excel 2016 interface include new layouts for several display screens, new options on the File Backstage menus, Quick Access toolbar, Status bar, and tabs of the Ribbon.

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2: Formulas and Functions

TEXTJOIN function

Microsoft has added a number of new built-in functions to Excel 2016 that make performing specialized calculations easier. The Logical function category includes a new IFS and SWITCH function. The Text function category includes a news T and TEXTJOIN function. With the addition of the Stock and Geography data types (see Data Analysis and Management), you can now create simple formulas that return to your worksheet just the financial and regional information you need.

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3: Charts and Graphics

2D Filled map chart

Changes to charts include new Funnel, Sunburst, and Histogram chart types as well as 2D filled and 3D Maps chart types for representing geographic worksheet data. The Charts group on the Insert tab now contains an Insert Custom Visual command button that enables you to easily select custom chart types and other visuals incorporated into Excel through add-ins that you use. Updates to graphic images include the ability to instantly modify the transparency of the images you import. 

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4: Data Analysis and Management

Navigator open with Customers table preview

The biggest change to data management is the appearance of the new Navigator dialog box that makes it much easier select the data you import from a variety of external data sources. Also, the Data tab has new Data Types options that enable you to get online information about the stock and geographic data you add to a worksheet.

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5: Notation and File Sharing

Text note and threaded comment

Excel 2016 now differentiates between notes and comments that you add to the worksheet. The new Notes feature now functions like the original text box Comments, enabling you to add graphic text commentary to cells in your worksheet. The new threaded Comments feature enables you to engage in real-time dialogs with team members with whom you are coauthoring a shared worksheet. 

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6: Miscellaneous Features

Ideas task pane

Among the updated features in Excel 2016 that don't fit neatly into one of the other categories, there are currently three that rely on the Intellisense technology introduced back in Excel 2013: Insights on the Review tab, the Accessibility indicator that now appears on the Status bar to the right of the Mode indicator, and Ideas on the Home tab.

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Some of the updated features described in a particular category may not yet appear in your copy of Excel 2016. The addition of new features depends upon the frequency with which Office 2016 is updates on your device as designated by the settings in your Offie 2016 subscription account.